How To Stop Phone Addiction For Students?

By Ishika S.

21st August, 2023

Being addicted to phone as students is very common these days, it is proved to be very distracting and can even have severe affects on students health.


“Here are some ways to stop phone addiction for students”

Start using your phone lesser and lesser each day very slowly. Don’t go cold turkey that will only lead to using the phone more. If your screen time is 10 hours, start from making it 9.

Always start slow

Monitor your cell phone usage

Nowadays phones help your track your screen time. Always monitor how long you’re using your phone and try to reduce the time you spend on your phone by creating a schedule for phone usage.

Use apps that restrict phone usage like ‘Space’ that sets goals and track your daily progress to manage your habits.

Download apps that restrict phone usage

Engage in other activities

Using your cell phone has been linked to increases in mood, which positively reinforces cell phone use. So instead of using your phone to feel better, engage in alternative activities such as exercise/sports or creative activities such as writing or drawing.

These are some of the ways that can help you use your phones less and concentrate in studies.