How To Study 20 Chapters In A Day?

By Ishika

22 December, 2023

Studying 20 chapters in a single day is an ambitious goal and may not be practical or effective for deep learning.


“Here’s how you can study 20 chapters a day”

Identify the most critical chapters or topics. Focus on understanding key concepts rather than trying to memorize every detail.

1. Prioritise Chapters:

2. Skim and Scan:

Quickly go through each chapter, focusing on headings, subheadings, and summaries. Pay attention to bold or italicized text, diagrams, and key points.

If available, refer to chapter summaries, study guides, or online resources that condense information. These can provide a quick overview of main concepts.

3. Use Summaries:

4. Active Reading Techniques:

Engage with the material actively. Take brief notes, ask questions, or create a mental summary as you skim through each chapter.

Remember, while this approach may help you cover a large amount of material quickly, it's essential to balance speed with comprehension. If possible, plan your study sessions in advance to avoid last-minute cramming and allow for more effective learning.