How To Study Biology For NEET From Zero?

By Ishika

1 February, 2024

Wondering how to study biology for NEET from zero? Check this web story out for more:


“Here’s how to study biology for NEET from zero”

Start with fundamental biology concepts, focusing on topics like cell biology, genetics, and ecology. Build a solid foundation before delving into more complex subjects.

1. Establish Basics:

2. Structured Schedule:

Create a study plan with dedicated time for each topic. Prioritize topics based on NEET syllabus weightage, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Utilize reliable study materials, textbooks, and online resources. NCERT books are crucial for NEET preparation. Consider additional reference books for in-depth understanding.

3. Quality Resources:

4. Practice Regularly:

Solve a variety of questions, especially those from previous NEET papers. This enhances your problem-solving skills and familiarizes you with the exam pattern.

Regularly revise what you've learned to reinforce concepts. Create concise notes for quick review before the exam, and focus on weak areas to strengthen your overall understanding.