How To Study Economics For UPSC?

By Ishika S.

20 September

Wondering how to study economics for UPSC? Check this web-story out for helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind.


“Here’s how you can study economics for UPSC”

Before getting into the main syllabus have a clear understanding of fundamental economic terms such as GDP, REPO, Reverse REPO etc.

Have A Clear Understanding Of The Basics

Refer To NCERTs

For studying economics for UPSC, it is recommended that you study them from NCERT text books. They are very helpful in preparation and helps you clear concepts easily.

The best way to studying economics is by relating  economic principles with day-to-day events which are part of current affairs. Delve deeper and don’t just rely on shallow information.

Relate Economics With Day To Day Life

Refer To Previous Years Question Papers

Always practice previous years questions and understand the pattern of the questions asked in the UPSC examination. Give mock tests and revise regularly.

These are some of the ways that will help you study economics for UPSC better. Hope the web story was helpful.