How To Study For 21 Hours?

By Ishika

23 November, 2023

Studying for 21 hours straight is generally not recommended due to the risk of burnout and reduced effectiveness.


However, If you want to study for that long, here are 4 points to consider:

Divide the 21 hours into manageable study sessions, such as three 7-hour blocks or seven 3-hour blocks. This helps prevent mental fatigue and promotes sustained focus.

1. Break it into Manageable Sessions:

2. Incorporate Breaks:

Schedule regular breaks during your study sessions. Consider the Pomodoro Technique with shorter breaks every 25-30 minutes and a more extended break after a couple of hours to maintain productivity.

Allocate more time to subjects or topics that require deeper understanding or are more challenging for you. Prioritizing helps ensure effective use of your study time.

3. Prioritise Subjects:

4. Stay Hydrated Nourished and We’ll Rested:

Maintain your physical well-being by staying hydrated and having nutritious snacks. Avoid excessive caffeine intake, as it can lead to energy crashes and make sure you are well rested.

Remember, studying for an extended period requires careful planning and attention to your well-being to maintain optimal focus and retention.