How To Study For ICSE class 10?

By Ishika

7th September

Wondering how to study for ICSE class 10th? Check this story for some efficient tips.


“Here’s how you can study for ICSE class 10”

ICSE is known to have a vast syllabus so always create a study schedule first based on weightage and priority and stick to it. Allot specific time spots for each subject so that you can keep a track on what all you’ve covered.

Create A Study Schedule

Set Study Goals

Always set study goals and reward yourself when you finish them. This motivates you to study further and gives a sense of accomplishment too.

Every ICSE board student should focus on getting in-depth knowledge of the concept instead of cramming or mugging them up.

Stop Cramming, Understand The Concept

Always Revise

Always leave time for revising after you’re done studying. Revision is very very essential and helps you retain information well.

These are some of the best study tips for ICSE class 10 students. Hope they were helpful.