How To Take Therapy In Engineering Colleges

By Ishika S.

4th Aug, 2023

Indian engineering colleges have now started prioritising mental health and have in house student counsellors and licensed therapists.


“Here are some engineering colleges where you can avail therapy”

IITs are the best engineering college and they have their own in house student counsellors. IIT-K, IIT-B all of them have accessible mental health counsellors, you can book your appointments and avail therapy after classes.


BITS, Hyderabad

BITS Hyderabad has a mental healthcare center that extends support to those facing anxiety, depression and mental health disorders. They provide one on one counselling and quality clinical interventions to the students, faculty and staff on the campus.

College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) has planned a wellness centre under the Applied Science department to aid students and help them cope with mental health issues before it aggravate.


MIT, Manipal

MIT Manipal has their own set of student counsellors who are available for students well-being.

Counseling can help you set goals for college and your future. It can also help you develop strategies to attain your goals.