How To Write A Book Review In English: 9 Tips

By Simran Pavecha

July 20 2022

Begin with a question or a thought that occupied your mind throughout the entire book. The opening line or two compels readers to move forward with your review.

A Powerful Introduction


What You Liked And Didn't What is your unique take on this book? Which were your favourite characters and who didn't you like one bit? Why? Is there anything the book could have done better?

Mention the genre, title, author of the book. It's a good practice to leave out the book's climax and any potential spoilers, so you don't ruin the story for your reader.

Plot Background And Summary

What The Book Made 'You' Feel

What were the details of your reading experience? Was it complicated, funny, or made you cry? These answers will provide your reader a mirror to yourself.

Rate the book basis your reading experience. You can also add a one-line summation of what makes the book a must-read or why you'd not recommend it.

Your rating 

Similar recommendations

Are there any other books on similar themes and genres that you'd recommend to your reader? Write them down in your book review.