I Had Period Sex And I Liked It

August 24, 2020

Sex is always fun for me. Periods are always an inconvenience for me. So why in the world would I bring these two oddballs together? Let’s go back to 2014 when I still hadn’t had sex with anyone but was dying to know anything I could about it.


I didn’t plan on having sex the first time I had sex. I was on my period, and all I could think before the date was, “Best case, I’ll get to make out with him and send him home.”

I gave in to lust. My brain went into overdrive, and I interrupted my incredibly hot makeout session, to say words, “I’m on my period.” My date replied, “I’m okay with it if you are.


First Time

So my first time having sex, I did something I had sworn never to do. And I liked it? Because here I was, relieved to be eased of the sexual tension, and not even remotely disgusted at the thought of my period. It wasn’t the bloodbath I expected it to be.

I rode the crimson wave with multiple partners over the years and realised that not only was the shame only in my head, but that period sex helped me.

Crimson Tide

Sex So Good

one time after sex a particularly kind partner called me up on his way home to tell me he saw some blood on the condom. Sex knocking you up is so Bollywood, but sex so good your period shows up? I was on board with this idea.

Our periods have been put on a pedestal by society. We’re living in a world that is constantly telling women how to feel, including how to feel pleasure. So if you like period sex, have it.