Imlie On Star Plus Helped Me Heal

By Blues

August 12 2022

Had you told me, pre-plague, that I would not only watch a Hindi daily soap but that it would be therapeutic to me, I would have laughed at the absurdity of it all and for a good reason.


Aryan Singh Rathore is a cultural reset in a medium so mercenary that it refuses to ever disturb the status quo with respect to gender, caste, or religion.

I started watching Hindi serials during the lockdown. I was also stuck in a highly coercive, manipulative, and harmful dynamic in the lockdown.

Hindi Serials 

Aryan Singh Rathore

Enter Aryan Singh Rathore, Imlie, Episode 310. Imlie— produced by 4 Lions Films— was a serial I consciously avoided as much as I tried to avoid the plague itself.

Even as Aryan embodies all the tropes of toxic machismo of the typical romantic hero, he annihilates all of them with his feminism.

Imlie's Feminism

Arylie's Relationship

Seeing Aryan selflessly love Imlie even as she regressed and progressed to break the cycle of abuse gave me hope

Seeing Aryan and Imlie move on from their trauma and play Holi, compelled me to go out and celebrate the festival. Aryan Singh Rathore and Imlie are irreplaceable.