IIT Madras Vs. IIT Delhi

By Ishika S.

21st July, 2023

IIT Madras has been ranked 1 by NIRF in 2023 whereas IIT Delhi’s ranking is 2.


“IIT Madras Vs IIT Delhi”

IIT Madras is located in South India, while IIT Delhi is in the central region. Consider your preferences and opportunities offered in each location when making your decision.



Both IITs offer a wide range of programs in engineering, science, and humanities. Talk to seniors to find the courses that align best with your interests.

Both institutes boast excellent faculty with diverse research interests and expertise, providing a strong academic foundation.



Both IITs feature top-notch facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, extensive libraries, advanced laboratories, and various entertainment options.

Ultimately, make your decision based on your specific goals, interests, and priorities for a fulfilling academic journey.