The Institute of Home Economics: My Safe Space, My Second Home

November 30 2022

When I was a school kid, I was always told that it was my second home; the only difference was that I never felt the warmth in those 14 precious years of my childhood. I expected the same when I applied for college at Delhi University, but I guess times do change, right?

I entered it for the very first time. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to be admitted there and initiate my journey of building a career. But I clearly remember how I felt entering my college, the Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi.

The most beautiful part of my college journey is that in all those years, I always felt that I reside here. Meeting such a fantastic group of classmates and supporting teachers made me feel like I have always known them.

It was an essential part of my journey of independence. It is not only what you do outside your home but also taking care of your routine and health. Getting up on time, fixing my room, and setting up my bag were all small things, but they made me feel like I was an adult.

While filling out my application, I was sceptical about one more thing, which was handling the grudge fudge in a girl’s college. I was always in a co-ed school and had my apprehensions about joining a girls’ college.

If you ask me now, I can say that women can support other women. And if you are with the right people, there is no scope for grudges; like adults, you can solve what’s bothering you by just talking it out.