5 Reasons Why You Should Try Offbeat Internships

October 19 2021

Unconventional careers may be challenging at first, but the benefits are promising too. Today’s jobs are the ones that didn’t exist a few years ago. Similarly, the pace of technological evolution would continue to generate jobs in the future we can’t think of today.


For those who don’t align with the traditional work culture, an offbeat internship could be exciting. Here are a few more reasons that would add up to your decision of going down the road not taken.

Whether painting, dancing, writing, scripting, anchoring, or traveling, passion fuels your willingness to work. You stay motivated, continue learning and xperience a sense of accomplishment,

Pursuing Your Passion

Earning Potential

Unlike 9-5 jobs where your earnings may increase by 10-20% annually, earning potential in offbeat domains is huge. Your experience and ability to market yourself, can fetch you a lucrative amount once you are established.

Offbeat career choices like animation, photography, video editing, blogging, digital art or creative writing, feature a great scope for networking.

Possibility To Build A Great Network

Be Your Own Boss

You can start as an intern or freelancer, can work on a contractual basis with private or government firms, work for multiple clients at a time, or can start your own business.

You need to master the latest trends, in-demand hard and soft skills, new software or tools, and analysis and marketing tactics to stay in the competition and have steady career growth.

Constant Learning And Progress