My Internship Experience With RBI

By Internshala

March 01, 2018

I had always wanted to work at RBI, and so I quickly filled in all the details – my past projects, hobbies, academic achievements, and the projects that I would have liked to do if I were selected.


RBI provided me with new friends and memories to cherish throughout my life.

The Reserve Bank of India, known as RBI, is the country's central bank and the regulatory organisation in charge of overseeing the country's banking industry.

What Is RBI

Interview With RBI

After two weeks, we received an email from the HRMD division of RBI – I was the only student from my college who was shortlisted for the interview.

After a few days, the final results were declared, and I was selected as a summer trainee for three months. It was like a dream come true for me!

The Final Result

Internship Experience

My internship with RBI was indeed a significant exposure. I stood in front of ATMs to collect information for my questionnaire, and it was a memorable experience.

As I bid farewell to RBI, I could see my transformed version – a new me with a lot of confidence and positive outlook, all set to face the corporate world.