Internships You Can Pursue As A Science Student

By Prithvi Vatsalya

15th Sept, 2022

While some of you may have opted for science because you are interested in the subjects the stream has to offer, others may have opted for science because you want to avoid the subjects arts and commerce have to offer.


Internships are a great way to gain the reality check you need about pursuing a particular career path professionally.

A lot of coaching and tuition centres, even individual students need teachers who can help them beyond the classroom setting. You can try to teach in schools near you, too.

Teaching Internships

Research & Analytics

If numbers, patterns and big data analytics excite you, then you should look at interning with organizations that work with data. 

Developing a story, designing and animating characters—if this sounds like fun and something you want to do more of, become a design and/or animation intern.

Animation & Design

Sales And Marketing

If you are thinking about pursuing a BBA or an MBA later, a sales and marketing internship can help you decide if that is the right career path for you.

Not only will an internship with such an organisation help you refine your understanding of the cause you believe in, it is bound to be a soul-satisfying experience, too.