Internships You Can Pursue As An Arts Student

By Prithvi Vatsalya

26th Aug, 2022

While some of you may have opted for arts because you are interested in the subjects the stream has to offer, others may have opted for arts because you want to avoid the subjects science and commerce have to offer. 


"Internships are a great way to gain the reality check you need about pursuing a particular career path professionally."

Some writing internship opportunities from various industries include copywriting, content writing, feature writing, research writing among various others.

Writing Internships

Sales and Marketing

If you are thinking about pursuing a BBA, chances are you are looking at a career in management. A sales and marketing internship can help you decide if that is the right career path for you.

For those who you come alive in front of a camera, this might be the way to go. From scripting and executing, to editing and posting a video, it takes a lot of hard work to entertain others.

Content Creation

Animation and Design

For the artistically inclined, you may want to place your bets on an internship to do with animation and/or design. You will get to work closely with experienced artists, animators and designers.

Not only will an internship with such an organisation help you refine your understanding of the cause you believe in, it is bound to be a soul-satisfying experience, too,.