My Dad Had The Same Cancer As Irrfan Khan

By Incurato

August 9, 2022

On Wednesday morning of 29 April 2020, news started coming in of Irrfan having passed away after being admitted to the hospital for a colon infection the previous day.


Irrfan’s death reminded my dad of his own fragility, something he was so eager not to come to terms with.

There I was, grieving the passing away of Irrfan from his battle against cancer, and unable to understand why. Why so much? Maybe, because my father had the same cancer.

My Grief Over Irrfan

My Father And Irrfan

Irrfan was the regular guy, who had struggled in the public eye. We felt snubbed by fate that he passed away. And that’s how my father felt about Irrfan as well.

Dad was diagnosed in December 2018, approximately ten months after the actor, and with the same tumour.

My Dad's Cancer

Irrfan's Passing Away

When Irrfan passed away two years ago, Dad retreated into a shell for the day. Not just as a fan but as a fellow sufferer.

I had finalised most of it on Irrfan’s birthday on 7 January this year, when Dad had just come back from chemo and a port surgery, and four days before he passed away.