Is BPSC Exam Easy To Crack?

By Ishika

7th September

BPSC exam is conducted by Bihar Public Service Commision and it focuses on selecting candidates for administrative position but within the state of Bihar.


“Here are important details for BPSC Exam”

No, BPSC is considered one of the toughest exams too, but in comparison to UPSC it might be simplified as BPSC concerns with Bihar syllabus and UPSC with the entire country’s. So it is not easy to crack it on the first attempt.

Is BPSC Easy To Crack?

Format Of The Exam

– The prelims paper consists of a total 150 questions of one mark each. – All questions are compulsory and there is no negative marking. – Total exam duration is 2 hours.

– History – Science – Geography – Polity and constitution.

Main Subjects

Can BPSC Be Cracked In The First Attempt?

BPSC can be cracked in the first attempt with but the best and most dedicated preparation strategy. Study consistently with an effective study plan to crack BPSC.

These are some of the helpful tips and information about BPSC. Hope they were helpful.