Is Chemistry NCERT Enough For NEET?

By Ishika

6 November, 2023

NCERT textbooks are essential for NEET preparation, but relying solely on them may have limitations.


Here are four points to consider:

NCERT books provide a solid foundation for NEET, covering the core concepts comprehensively. It's a great starting point for understanding the basics.

1. Strong Foundation:

2. In-Depth Understanding:

NEET is a highly competitive exam, and it often requires a deeper understanding of topics. Supplementing NCERT with other reference books can help achieve this depth.

NEET questions can vary in complexity. Using additional study materials can expose you to a wider range of problems and prepare you for the exam's diversity.

3. Practice and Variation:

4. Competitive Edge:

Many NEET toppers combine NCERT with other high-quality study resources to gain a competitive edge. These resources provide additional insights and practice.

In summary, while NCERT is crucial, using supplementary study materials, reference books, and mock tests can enhance your NEET preparation and increase your chances of success.