Is CLAT Tougher Than CAT?

By Ishika

12 October, 2023

Comparing the difficulty of CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) and CAT (Common Admission Test) can be subjective, as they are designed for different purposes.


“Here are four points to consider when comparing the two”

- CLAT: CLAT is an entrance exam for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate law programs. It assesses a candidate's aptitude in areas like legal reasoning, logical reasoning, and general knowledge. - CAT: CAT is an entrance exam for admission to postgraduate management programs (MBA). It evaluates a candidate's aptitude in areas like quantitative ability, data interpretation, and verbal ability.

Content and Purpose:

Subjective Difficulty:

- The perceived difficulty of CLAT and CAT can vary from person to person based on their strengths and interests. Some may find the legal and logical reasoning in CLAT more challenging, while others may find the quantitative and data interpretation sections in CAT more demanding.

- Both CLAT and CAT are highly competitive exams with a large number of candidates vying for limited seats in prestigious institutions. The level of competition in each exam can influence how challenging it is for an individual.


Preparation and Background:

- The difficulty of CLAT or CAT can also depend on your prior education and preparation. If you have a strong foundation in law or business-related subjects, you might find the respective exam relatively easier.

In conclusion, CLAT and CAT are tailored to specific fields, and their difficulty varies depending on your familiarity with the subject matter and your individual strengths. It's essential to focus on your career goals and choose the exam that aligns with your aspirations rather than solely considering their relative difficulty.