Is ISRO Planning Chandrayaan-3?

By Ishika S. Singh

June 13, 2023

Chandrayaan-3 is a planned third lunar exploration mission by the Indian Space Research Organisation. It consists of a lander and a rover similar to Chandrayaan-2, but would not have an orbiter.


“Here’s how ISRO is planning to launch Chandrayaan 3”

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said that the space agency is planning to launch the Chandrayaan-3 moon mission.

ISRO’s Chandrayaan 3

What ISRO Said On Chandrayaan 3

Mr. Somnath (ISRO’s chairman) said that following the launch, the orbital raising will take place and the lander and orbiter will orbit the moon before touching down on the moon.

Mr Somnath also said that ISRO has added more fuel to the lander along with new equipment and strengthened it more this time.

ISRO Also Said, 

Chandrayaan 3 Route

Mr Somnath concluded by saying that Chandrayaan-3 will also be going in the same path as its predecessor and will be landing on the same landing site.

Chandrayaan-3, the succeeding mission to Chandrayaan-2, is set to launch on Friday, July 14, 2023, at 2:45 pm IST.