Is Maths Compulsory For BCA?

By Ishika S.

6 November, 2023

Mathematics is typically not compulsory for a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) degree, but its requirement can vary from one university to another.


Here are four points to consider:

Different universities may have varying admission criteria for their BCA programs. Some universities may require mathematics as a compulsory subject for admission, while others may not have this requirement.

1. University Requirements:

2. Core Curriculum:

In most BCA programs, the core curriculum focuses on computer science and its related subjects, such as programming, data structures, and software development. Mathematics is not usually a central part of the curriculum.

While mathematics may not be mandatory, students often have the option to take elective mathematics courses if they wish to strengthen their mathematical skills, which can be beneficial in computer science.

3. Elective Options:

4. Career Goals: 

Whether or not you choose to study mathematics alongside your BCA can depend on your career goals. If you plan to specialize in areas of computer science that require strong mathematical skills, such as data science or cryptography, then studying mathematics can be advantageous.

In summary, while mathematics is not usually compulsory for MBA programs, having a basic understanding of business-related math and statistics is valuable.