Is UPSC And SSC Syllabus Same?

By Ishika

5th September

Wondering if UPSC and SSC Syllabus are the same? Check this entire webstory to find out.


“UPSC Vs SSC Syllabus”

UPSC Exam is conducted by union public service commision and focuses on selecting candidates for administrative positions for the entire country.


SSC Exam

The SSC Exams stand for Staff Selection Commission exams. are conducted to recruit staff to various posts in ministries, departments and organizations of the Government of India.

Syllabus of UPSC is much wider than syllabus of SSC CGL.In UPSC you need to have deep knowledge of each topic but in SSC that much deep knowledge is not required.


UPSC Vs SSC Syllabus Key Difference

– SSC is considered as a subset of UPSC Syllabus. – UPSC Sullabus is very vast and difficult to cover.

No, SSC and UPSC syllabus are not the same. Although there may be some overlapping topics.