I Love Jamia Milia Islamia For Its Secular Campus

November 29 2022

Hello folks! I am a student of Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) pursuing PG Diploma in Hindi journalism. It’s been two months and I’ve fallen in love with the campus. Established in 1920, JMI is a central university located in New Delhi.

The campus is distributed over a large area in the Okhla area of Delhi. It has various faculties and departments. When I visited the Zakir Hussain central library for the first time, I was mesmerised by the infrastructure and the ambiance.

Having heard different rumours about Hindu minorities being ill-treated in Jamia, I took admission with untold expectations and flashes of insecurity. But the moment I entered the campus, all my notions disappeared.

People here greet each other with a humble ‘Salaam’ . The people here do not engage in communal debates and respects each other’s culture and religion. I have witnessed some healthy debates on political issues but they always end on a positive note.

Here you can easily find guys wearing a Taqiyah which is a cap worn by people of the Islam religion. You can also find girls wearing burka or hijaab. But the fun part is that in Jamia you can come across girls wearing jeans-tshirt, dresses and shorts.

There is not a single instance of partiality or discrimination. One thing that makes me proud of being called a Jamian is that I study in a very diverse and secular community. The environment here is so vibrant and lively.