By Aanya Wig

May 07, 2023

Some Jarring Questions I’m Left With After The Manipur Video Went Viral

I wonder if all mainstream media anchors are away on vacation today, especially those that love shouting on prime time news. Did the printing machines of newspapers run out of ink last night? Because I don’t see any headlines.


“Here are some thoughts I’m left with after the Manipur video went viral”

Nari Shakti is just a theme for Republic Day parades and a slogan for International Women’s Day. If, as a country, we really did care about women, this would not have happened.

What Is Women Safety?

“Crimes Are Buried Forever”

Fighting shame, humiliation and stigma of sexual crimes, Manipur-based lawyers and human rights activists said these crimes may be buried forever.

Two Months, No Action

It’s been over two months and survivors have now blended amongst the displaced people at various relief camps. Their sexual trauma, dignity, respect all dissolved in the countless stories of mob attacks.

Why Are We Silent?

Violence against women especially during riots and clashes often goes unchecked and discounted. If these were really our daughters, sisters, mothers would we have been this silent?

This crime in Manipur is a reminder to the women that this world is not for them. A reminder that election campaigning is more important than the rights and dignity of women.

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