I Learnt Making A Music App At My Internship at JioSaavn

By Internshala

24th June, 2021

A few months back, I was going through my emails when Internshala’s one-day internship campaigncaught my eye. There were three companies that invited applications but being a computer science student, I was most interested in applying to JioSaavn.


“I applied at JioSaavn because I wanted to learn about the organisational structure of an IT company first-hand.”

– The first round was a conventional resume screening. – Two months later, I was informed about the second round. This round was a mix of traditional and unconventional questions. – I was then selected for the internship.

Selection process

My Internship At JioSaavn Began

– I learned about server scaling, UI/UX, and ML recommendation models. – Lastly, they told me about the performance metrics used to measure progress.

– The second half of the internship was spent with brand solutions, ads, and the marketing team. – I also learnt how their brand is made approachable to users.

Key Learnings At JioSaavn

– I then interned with the marketing representative who told me about their recent campaigns through case studies. – The last session was with the HR representative, who ensured that all my questions were answered.

Overall, it was an incredible experience that showed me how vast is the career path I wish to pursue. I am grateful to the JioSaavn team for sharing their time and knowledge.