'Kantara': The Kannada Action-Thriller That Can't Be Missed

October 18 2022

The Kannada movie Kantara is an action-thriller set in the tribal forest land. The film explores the ethos of the village folklore and the core of the villagers’ devotion to their God. It revolves around a power struggle between the rich and poor.

The lord himself reincarnates to set things straight. The mesmerising portrayal of Guliga Daiva hooks the audience to its seats. The village festivals and the enthralling ritual dance of Guliga Daiva can bring serenity and magic to chaos.

The director, Rishabh Shetty, has done a marvelous job of using action and village life. The lead cast includes Rishab Shetty as Shiva, Sapthami Gowda as Leena, and Kishor Kumar as Murali. Shiva is a wild, short-tempered man who is intoxicated day and night.

The movie has witty dialogue that can put the audience into laughing fits, especially by hearing the punch lines thrown by Shiva at awkward times. He is depicted as a typical village hero who fights for his and the village's rights and fears nothing. 

The audience can be seen laughing and hooting at the romance scenes between Shiva and Leena. There is no awkwardness or hesitation between them, and they just get straight into each other's arms. .

It is spellbinding with its flawless direction and realistic performances by the artists. The audience remains silent as the film comes to a close, where the worshipers get Daiva's blessing. The viewer cannot deny the deep and spiritual nature of the message conveyed by it.6