You Must Visit Karim's In Old Delhi As Its Non Veg Food Is To Die For

December 7 2021

Delhi connects us to a variety of rich food from north Indian cuisine. It shelters a palate of joy in Karim’s. This inexpensive hotel caters for the most delightful, gourmet food, as we go down the narrow bylanes of old Delhi, right across the Jama Masjid.

People who visit the Masjid make sure to head towards gali kababian, in a bid to enjoy the tastiest non-vegetarian dishes served in old Delhi. The quaint lanes lead towards Karim’s, where a long queue will almost certainly await you.

Be it with family, friends, or your loved ones, you can enjoy the best mutton korma braised in handis (large aluminium pots). Korma when coupled with their chewy, butter naan, tossed and prepared by this mid-19th-century restaurant, is delicious.

For chicken lovers, the menu card of this culinary destination offers one of the most scrumptious chicken kababs marinated in the finest of spices, dripping with an aroma that makes even the passersby at a stone’s throw drool.

The rustic appearance of the hotel may make new visitors eye the restaurant’s savoury grub with a little suspicion. But, the luscious aroma traveling to one’s nostrils will make anybody queue at the counter to relish their korma, finely garnished with onions and chilies.

The visitors feel rewarded to be able to finally treat themselves and their loved ones with the appetising culinary delights, after long minutes of waiting, as more people wait in the queue to savour the tepid, rich delicacies of this fine eatery.