MA Vs MSc: Which Course Is Better?

By Aditi Tulsyan

22 August, 2023

An MSc degree may lead to more specialized careers, while an MA degree allows for broader career paths in fields like media, advertising, PR, teaching, HR, or banking. Both are popular courses, keep reading to find out more. 


Here is the detail regarding MA and MSc course

Degree Focus

MA: Humanities and social science focused. MSc: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) focused.

MA: Generally considered the highest level of study in humanities and social sciences. MSc: Not necessarily the highest level of study, especially in the STEM field where PhDs are common.

Level Of Study

MA: More subject-focused approach, often delving into theoretical and conceptual aspects. MSc: More technical and scientific approach, emphasizing practical and laboratory-based work.


Teaching Methods

MA: Fewer class hours, emphasizing research, dissertations, and projects. MSc: More class hours and lab-based work, emphasizing hands-on application of technical knowledge.

Both degrees hold academic prestige and respect in their respective fields. The choice between an MA and an MSc should be based on individual preferences, career aspirations, and the desired balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Conduct thorough research and consider your long-term goals when making this decision.