Masters: 5 Points To Remember For Statement Of Purpose

By Simran Pavecha

27th July, 2022

If you’re applying for a degree outside India, a Statement of Purpose (SoP hereinafter) as part of your application process. But you might not know that your SoP is the main aspect of your document the admissions committee analyses.


It is a one-page snapshot of who you are, why it’s pertinent that you be selected as a part of the course and the university and what value you add to the course.

Your Statement of Purpose should ideally include your background, educational qualifications and realisations, ambitions and why you fit into a certain program of a certain university.

Things To Include

Striking Introduction

An ideal Statement of Purpose has a striking introduction. A memory or an incident or an interesting fact about you could be the hook to ‘your’ story – a story that shows why you fit for a certain course or field of study.

Your Statement of Purpose is not pointers from your CV or Resume made into full sentences. You do not need to list things meaninglessly in your Statement of Purpose.

Your SOP Is Not A CV!

Tell Your Story

Statement of Purpose is also, at a lot of places, called Personal Statement. They need to know you. Not your achievements. What sets you apart from the hundreds who have the same credentials?

Brevity is key. While it’s important you tell them your story, it’s equally and even more important if you can come to the point as succinctly as you can.