5 Issues Delhi's Mehrauli Murder Case Is NOT About

November 16 2022

A gruesome Delhi murder has been making a lot of news. It is regarding an interfaith, live-in couple where it is being speculated that the guy killed his girlfriend because she was allegedly pressuring him to marry her.

'Love Jihad' Debate: It takes agency away from women by telling us we don’t have a say in who we want to be with. There are many happy examples of inter-faith relationships and stray incidents shouldn’t be used to blame an entire community.

Victim Blaming: The last thing that needs to be scrutinised is the victim's behaviour. She is the one who has been wronged so why is she under the scanner? When will we stop blaming the deceased? It sickens me to the core.

Live-in Relationships: People are also saying that live-in relationships are problematic, a very absurd narrative. Yes, violence and crime against women in relationships should be a concern, but we should stop with the moral policing and focus on women’s safety.

Private Details Of The Victim:  Her name and pictures are being used and shared widely. Her private life is up in the public domain. We should have some respect for the deceased and her family, and STOP THIS immediately.

Sensationalism In Media: It needs to stop spreading narratives stinking of demonising Muslim men and witch-hunting “immoral” women. The reporters are hounding the crime scene and creating havoc just for the sake of “breaking news”.