Why Should You Watch 'Monica O My Darling' On Netflix?

November 20 2022

Whoever has watched Monica O my darling if asked what they really liked in the film they would respond— songs, background music… It’s quite addictive. This film has been categorised as neo-noir, crime, dark comedy, thriller or suspense and so on.

Jayant Arkhedkar, seemingly a middle-class-boy who had seen his future as an tech-empire-builder… fears snakes. He has Ophidiophobia; an extreme fear of snakes, as he described himself.

He tried to make his fear a strength. With that strength, he has reached that strata from where he could make his empire. But on the inside, he is still "the same poor little boy from Angola."

Monica proved to be one of the jewels in the film. First when she appeared, a sudden feeling hit my mind if she is coming only to just perform this dance or really act in this movie. We have seen many5 times that the women who dance in party songs do not act in the movie.

She winks. She fights. She has agency. She smiles; without any hesitation. She has her own theory of life. She doesn’t put pressure on people to believe in her theory. She hits men who abuses her. She knows the world is a casino and people have stolen her share.

Everyone tries to assert their underdog-ness in different ways. Even the rich-spoiled-son and showy-rich-confident daughter don’t feel like they belong anywhere. So, loneliness is everywhere, and it ought to be a theme of movies.