Most Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas In India

By Ishika S.

16th August, 2023

India is now a hub of small independent businesses. From coaching to salon, there are many businesses that offer great profits.


“Some of the most profitable business ideas in India are”

A small food stall like that of popular Indian street food like noodles, momo etc are liked by most people and is a great idea for a business under Rs 50,000.

Food Trucks/Stalls

Beverage Corner

Fresh juice, tea, coffee is a staple in India and we consume it on an everyday basis. Opening a small juice stall or a tea/coffee corner requires minimum investment and earns you good profit.

Tutoring is another great business idea under Rs 50,000. The only investment required here is a small establishment for offline tutoring and a computer set up for online tutoring.



Everybody needs grooming, hence beauty parlours is also a great small scale business idea. Develop a loyal clientele and provide efficient services and you’ll earn good profits.

These are some of the most profitable small scale  business ideas in India.