Most Valuable Courses After 12th In India

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

11th August, 2023

12th standard is a vital milestone that one crosses. Students look for high salary courses after 12th, and indeed they have ample choices to navigate their careers.


Here are the top 4 most valuable courses in India

MBBS is a Bachelor of Medical and Bachelor of Surgery and is an integrated course of 5.5 years, of which one year is an internship. This is probably the only course in India where it is impossible to be unemployed after completing this course. In fact, it’s among the front-runners when it comes to high salary courses after 12th.

1. Medicine/ MBBS

2. Engineering

Depending on the specialization, a student gets a job. Such a B.Tech in Computer technology can work in a software company as a software developer. It is considered one of the high salary courses after 12th computer science.

You can kick-start your professional career right after completing the BBA. However, most companies require MBA grads for their higher managerial positions. Hence, pursuing an MBA post-BBA will result in a very promising career. The career will depend on the specialization taken – HR, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Entrepreneur.

3. BBA

4. LLB (Bachelor of Law)

Most LLB grads pursue a legal career after completing LLB. They practice law as Lawyer, Legal Advisor, Public Prosecutor, Attorney,  Lecturer, Solicitor General, Public Prosecutor, a Tax lawyer. LLB grads can also apply for State government and Central government jobs where they have options to work in defence, contract, tax, or labour law.

There are many courses for students to choose from that can also be taken up for a brighter future. It also depends on the candidate's efforts as well. So, choose wisely and come out with flying colours.