My Asexual Relationship Is Valid

By Beethoven's Silence

May 31 2022

We live in a world where sex is considered a significant part of the relationship. We cannot imagine two people together without it. A relationship is way more than that; it’s about understanding, love, mutual respect and much more.


My partner and I share a beautiful relationship, should we feel invalid because we just do not have sex?

For a long time, we couldn’t tell anyone we are in a relationship because asexual relationship isn’t considered a relationship.

The Ace Spectrum

The Stigma

India is a place that refuses to talk about sex, yet asexuality is frowned upon. Asexuals are the newest minority in India.

One of my friend’s partner told me that me and my partner should have sex and see if it solves the problems.

People's Comments

Our Struggle

At this point, this story is not just my story of struggle in India. This is every one of us who is forced to hide under the closet of shame.

I hope that, soon enough, India starts to see this identity as a valid one. It’s important that people like my partner feel safe and free to be who they are.