NEST Vs NEET Key Differences

By Ishika Satwika Singh

13th June, 2023

– NEST for admission to the 5-year Integrated MSc programme in basic sciences at NISER, Bhubaneswarand UM-DAE CEBS, Mumbai. -While NEET is a single-level national exam for medical aspirants who want to pursue medicine in India.


“Here are the key differences between NEST and NEET”

– As per Government of India, it is a mandated requirement to qualify NEET Exam to study medical courses in India and abroad. – NEST is a test for MSc at NISER, Bbsr and UM-DAE CEBS, Mumbai.


Difficulty Level

According to experts, the difficulty level of NEST is moderate. On the other hand, NEET is very tough. As compared to NEET, the difficulty level of NEST is much easier.

The pattern and syllabus of NEST and NEET are also different as the NEET section does not have Mathematics.

Exam Pattern

Key Difference

NEET is a common test for medical aspirants and NEST is a test for applying to basic science programs.

Hence, NEST Is for NISER and NEET is a common medical test that helps you get admission in the best medical institutions of the country.