An Online Training Helped Me Land My Dream Internship At DRDO

June 06, 2018

I tried getting an internship in Research Centre Imarat, a DRDO laboratory. However, to my dismay, they required me to be proficient in VHDL. I had a basic idea of Verilog but didn’t know VHDL.


I had the option of learning it using any textbook, but I thought for a while and concluded that I would learn it through Internshala Trainings.

The training was really good, and I completed it in six weeks. I also gained a lot of confidence in programming after the completion of my training.

Thanks to the various concepts that this training taught me, I’ve also been selected for a 2-month internship at DRDO. Yes, in the same Research Centre Imarat!

I’ll finally be able to work in my desired field, utilizing the various VHDL concepts. Who knows, I might even start working full time in VLSI domain after gaining some good experience!