Looking To Do A PhD In India? Just Why?

October 10, 2022

When I decided to go for a PhD in India, I knew what I was signing up for. I’d had a little taste of it in MPhil. PhD is a gruelling process with few rewards. Is the end rewarding? Debatable, it depends on the person.


Doctor as a title was first awarded to those who excelled in humanities and social science and was later adopted for healthcare workers.

Every university and department has its own PhD process. There is no singular process for PhD admissions in India, but there are certain commonalities that I will list.

Identify the potential PhD options and read their admission process thoroughly. There is usually an entrance test and an interview. The test will make up for the bulk of the marks, and the interview will be an in-depth analysis of your research aptitude.

Have a solid research proposal and know the basics of research. This will help you with your admission process and later when you begin your PhD.

Look up your potential supervisor that aligns with your interests. Once done, start searching for scholarships on the UGC website to fund yourself.

So here are some tips for getting into a PhD program in India in 2022. Good luck!