Go Through This List Of Philias To Know What ‘-Phile’ You Are!

September 27, 2022

We’re living in a world where we finally have words for feelings that we have always felt but not known how to express. There are so many different ‘phile’ words but do you know what they mean?

A person who likes cats, a cat lover. Are you someone who finds comfort in the purs of a cat and love the queens that they are? Well, this be you.



A person who loves stars and astronomy. Night dates, listening to music under the clear sky, looking at the stars, dreaming: sound like you? Well, this one's definitely you, then!

A person who collects or has a great love of books. As someone who's read over 50 books already this year, you can guess if I'm a Bibliophile.



A person who loves thunder and lightning. If thunder mesmerises you, grounds you, and makes you feel the infinity of the universe, you are definitely a ceraunophile.


A person who loves trees and forests. Do you enjoy treks, have grown one too many plants in your house and can't get enough of them?


A lover of the sun. Do you enjoy sunny weather and are attracted to a lot of sunlight? Do you worship sunlight? You are a heliophile, then!


A person who loves to drink coffee. The word java is popular slang for coffee. So do you consume coffee like water too? If yes, you're a Javaphile.


A lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. A pluviophile is someone who finds comfort, joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

How many philias do you identify with?