Good With A Camera? These 5 Career Opportunities Just Might Be For You!

May 29, 2020

With pictures becoming an essential aspect of our lives, photography is evolving as a creative career opportunity. Here are a few job roles that a career in photography holds for you.


From humans to food, wildlife, nature, or products, the story behind everything needs to be told to the world in a visually and emotionally appealing way.

Product Photographer: Product photographers accurately capture a product for brochures, catalogues, and advertisements. They can work with online shopping sites or can choose specific brand stores that sell electronics, cosmetics and so on.

Photojournalist: Photojournalists capture real-life stories, incidents, and events for journalistic purposes. They gather visual evidence to support their news stories which inform and educate the general public.

Fashion Photographer: Fashion photographer shoots clothes, accessories, footwear, and other fashion products in dramatic lighting, locations, and themes, usually with renowned faces to advertise fashion designers and trends.

Food Photographer: Food photographers capture appetising shots of different food products and ingredients, raw or cooked, for advertisements, cookbooks, blogs, magazines, and packaging.

Freelance Photographers: They work on a contractual basis to pursue their passion for photography. They do not stick with a certain kind of photography and generally capture everything they love.