What Is The Meaning Of Pluviophile? 5 Signs You Are One

By Simran Pavecha

Sep 7, 2022

Pluviophilia; pluviophile, pluviophile meaning – haven’t we all google searched this at least once in our lifetime?   Turns out, it’s quite sweet!


A pluviophile is someone who loves, well, rain. Pluviophilia is the love of the rain -  love, fondness or special attraction for the rain and everything concerning rain.

It feels like coming back home. 

Hearing the sound of rain makes you feel at home

You can’t stay inside when it rains

You love getting drenched and soaked in rain. Raindrops feel like a companion to you. 

You love going for a walk or soaking in the mitti ki khushboo after it rains.. It helps you concentrate on the present moment.

You love mitti ki khushboo 

You love the gloom and skies

It’s oddly comforting. You find an odd balance in the grey of the skies – a balance in life and everything living. 

You love gazing at how raindrops touch the ground and feel at peace seeing that. Watching rain pour is your favourite sight in the world.

You love to watch the rain from your window