Psychologist Vs Psychiatrist: How Do I Decide It?

By Ishika S.

14th August, 2023

Psychologists and psychiatrists are both trained in the same practice of mental health care, yet the treatments they offer are very different.


“Here’s the difference between psychologist and psychiatrist”

A psychologist studies a graduate program in medicine for a period of four or six years to attain a PhD (doctor of philosophy) or PsyD (doctor of psychology) degree.

Who Is A Psychologist?

Who Is A Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist studies to get a medical degree in the field of mental health either to attain an MD (doctor of medicine) or DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine).

– Psychologists are not authorised to prescribe medications. They can only recommend talk therapies and exercises for mild mental conditions. – Psychiatrists are required to continue the practice for a minimum of four years in a hospital under supervision from senior doctors.

Psychologist Vs Psychiatrist?

Whom To Consult?

Before you approach a psychiatrist or a psychologist, you must first consider the kind of mental health issues you are facing. – For stress, anxiety and depression you might consult a psychologist. – For extremely severe cases of mental illness which require medication, you might consult a psychiatrist.

Both psychologists and psychiatrists are equally capable in their field to work with mental illness. Visit the one who suits your requirement.