How To Find And Apply To Remote Internships?

August 23 2021

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic started rapidly spreading across the nation, everyone started taking precautionary measures to combat the situation. One such measure was to turn to remote working. 


Organisations and employees initially found this change challenging, but WFH soon became the new normal. The trend of remote working is still on the rise and will continue even in the post-pandemic era.

The best place to find such opportunities is online. For instance, on Internshala itself, 60% of employers hired virtual interns in 2020-2021.

Where To Find WFH Internships?

How To Apply?

The first step would be to register on the platform and build your resume. In your resume, you must highlight the details and achievements relevant to the internships you are applying to.

1. High ownership skills 2. Tech savviness 3. Agility 4. Good communication skills 5. Time management skills

What Skills Do You Need To Be Hired?

What Do You Earn?

Apart from the work experience, WFH interns also receive certificates of completion, a letter of recommendation and a fixed stipend.  The average stipend is ₹5,000/month.

As there are thousands of opportunities online, you can apply for multiple remote internships based on your interest and skill-sets. For example, if you are a management student, you could apply for internship profiles linked to business development.