Scenes From An Exam Hall: Honest, Indian Edition

April 28 2022

The scene in any exam hall in any college is as intense and entertaining as it can get. Any classroom which is being used as an exam hall starts filling up minutes before the exam is about to commence, with students.


While some are making sure that they have reached their assigned classrooms; others appear to be soaking up information last-minute from their phones via PDFs sent by professors.

They often like to pretend as if they didn’t study much and are expecting a bad grade, but these people end up getting one of the highest marks in the class.

Toppers Who Pretend

Students Who Appear Relaxed

These are usually the people who have given up on scoring well in that particular exam and are satisfied with the amount that they have studied. 

Invigilators give threats about what may happen to us if our phones are found on us during the exams—a threat which a lot of people duly ignore.

Daredevils With Phones

Students Who Help Others

The question papers usually start with MCQs, which are the easiest to obtain answers for, from others, without getting the attention of the invigilator(s).

As the invigilators collect answer sheets away, there are mixed emotions around the hall. Some are relieved, others are disappointed, and some others feel betrayed by their friends for not getting the help they expected.