Top 7 Eateries Near Mumbai's St. Xavier's College

November 114 2022

Chocolate Sandwich: The main gate would be open, but the other one was used rarely and almost always shut. A man would set up shop beside it and pass neatly packed sandwiches to students of the college through the railings of the metal gate.

Roadside Ganne Ka Juice: There is nothing like a cold glass of sugarcane juice, nimboo maar kay, to quench one’s thirst and revive one’s spirits, on a humidly hot day. There is a small shop selling ganne ka juice on the footpath adjacent to the college..

Kyani’s Keema Pao: Their keema pao, bhurjee pao, bun maska and egg rolls have given me life after many-a-terrible hangovers, ngl. I liked their caramel custard, still do! More adventurous people may want to try their raspberry soda.

Police Canteen’s Batata Vadas: From Andhra chicken to Malvani fish, they served a mixed fare. They are known for their keema pao too, but you can choose to munch on their snacks such as batata vadas (potato fritters) with some chai.

Cannon’s Pao Bhaji: it has a massive, circular pan with paos carefully stacked, on top of each other. A staff member douses them in butter and hands it over to the nearest tai, who then brings it to the customer’s plate. They sell 5,000 plates a day, apparently!

Last but not the least, a special mention to Ahar’s onion uttapam and Mao’s chopsuey. All of these places are located in close proximity to St. Xavier's college: