5 Things You Must Know To Write a Successful Personal Statement

By Simran Pavecha

July 27 2022

It is a critical part of your application while applying for graduate school or Masters. It is a one-page snapshot of who you are, why it’s pertinent that you be selected as a part of the course and the university and what value you add to the course.


An ideal Statement of Purpose has a striking introduction. Talk about your current dreams, ambitions and passions. Always give them a brief idea of what you’ll do once the degree is over.

Do not list things meaninglessly. Your Statement of Purpose is a journey; only relevant experiences that act as highlighters should be used in it. Pick and choose wisely.

Your Statement of Purpose is not your CV

Personal is crucial

They need to know you. What sets you apart from the hundreds who have the same credentials? Start with strong personal incidents that motivated you the most during the course. 

Read up on the university. Read up in detail on the faculty and the research project, the clubs, and the forums. Personalise your Statement of Purpose.

Show them you care


Brevity is key. The application committee reads 1000s of applications every year. Your first para should show them why YOU. Why they should send you that offer letter. Self-edit, peer-edit, go all the way.

Good luck with your applications. The admissions process is overwhelming. Sometimes, it feels like it’s taking all the patience you can ever have. But persistence, taking it one day at a time, and the tips help a lot.