5 Puri Jagannadh Films That Are Toxic AF

August 30 2022

Telugu cinema has been an epitome for “mass-masala” films and Puri Jagannadh has been considered to be the flag bearer- a rather problematic flag bearer.


Liger, his latest film, ended up rather disastrously at the box office. Here are 5 previous Puri Jagannadh films which are just as problematic.

The hero finds the heroine smoking secretly with her friends and blackmails her to hug him. He “funnily” says that he has rape cases against him, for a hug.

Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi


It glorified the act of stalking girls like never before. It had a song fully dedicated to showing the boy's “love” i.e., him grabbing her legs without her consent as an act of begging her to accept him.

This film had a song named “Pilla Chaavve” telling the heroine to die as she won’t accept the hero's love,. Also, there is a scene where she is drugged to bring her to him.


Iddaru Ammayilatho

The film makes light of rape by saying that women falsely accuse men after “losing their bodies”, in order to deliberately frame innocent guys as jerks.

The guy enters the girl’s home forcefully; she calls the cops to inform them that he’s trying to rape her; he pins her to the wall and then to the bed, says he’ll rape her; and the cops are eventually sent back because it’s lovers’ quarrel.

iSmart Shankar

These films gained immense popularity despite glorifying misogyny, sexism, rape culture, and toxic relationships. This indicates the fact that we are living in a toxic society which sees women's pain as entertainment.