Things To Do Before Applying For A Job or Internship

By Internshala

27th Nov, 2020

Thousands of people are applying to jobs every day hoping for a better future and good pay. As most of the people are working from home globally, the hiring process is also being conducted virtually.


"While many people might be habitual to professional emailing, attending video interviews, and virtual group discussions, freshers might find these things difficult."

Job descriptions let you know the company’s expectations, job title and purpose, responsibilities of the role, required qualifications, work environment and compensation breakdown.

Job Description

Researching About Organisation

Find out the history, how the company started, background and professional details of the CEO, work-culture and values, recent news and events of the company, their products. 

The training is usually divided into multiple modules where you learn to hunt jobs through on-campus and off-campus placements and polish your most valuable skills.

Online Training

Setting up a comfortable interview space will boost your confidence, reduce nervousness, let the interviewer know that you are fully prepared, and help in a smooth uninterrupted interview.

After completing the interview process, you should follow up with the interviewer and send them a thank you message for giving you the opportunity.