Tips To Take Care Of Pets During Diwali

By Anuska Roy

Oct 19, 2022

Although most people consider Diwali to be their favourite celebration, animals find it to be nothing short of a nightmare. The usage of firecrackers during this greatly frightens them.


Celebrate Diwali but also take care of animals and stay away from firecrackers.

The most crucial thing is to keep your pets at home. Never leave them alone during this time and give them company. 

Stay Home

Play With Them

Get the pet's attention in a game if the sound of the fireworks is upsetting them. Give them their preferred treats and play with them.

To keep the pet from becoming distressed by the explosive noise, play music or TV. This might help to lessen their anxiety.

Play Songs

Keep Windows Closed

To block off the firecrackers' noise and light, close the windows and hang some drapes.

Although Diwali is a very fortunate and joyous time of year, we should also take care of stray animals as well as our own pets during this time.