Top 4 Engineering Branches With The Highest Salary? 

By Aditi Tulsyan

9 August, 2023

In engineering careers, the pursuit of innovation and problem-solving is often rewarded with substantial financial returns. The landscape of professional engineering opportunities has evolved to encompass a diverse array of disciplines, many of which offer lucrative earning potential.


Here is the top 4 engineering branches with the highest salary

1. AI & Machine Learning 

Innovate in the realm of AI and machine learning, crafting algorithms that power the future of automation and decision-making. In India, the average salary for AI and machine learning engineers is ₹12 LPA.

A Petroleum engineer in India earns ₹5 LPA and can go up to ₹40 LPA. Drive the extraction of valuable energy resources, overseeing drilling operations and optimizing production techniques.

2. Petroleum Engineer

Computer Science involves creating and studying computer hardware and software. It's a top-paying field of engineering. The average salary for software engineers in India, fresher can earn up to ₹3 LPA,  after a few years of experience you can expect - ₹5 LPA, and at senior level ₹10 LPA.

3. Software/IT Engineer

Aerospace engineering involves developing and studying aircraft and spacecraft. In India, salaries range from ₹3 LPA for freshers to ₹15 LPA for senior engineers.

4. Aerospace Engineer

As you begin the process of selecting between an MBA and an MSc, carefully weigh your career aspirations, preferred learning style, and long-term goals to make an informed decision that aligns with your professional trajectory.